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New Music: Keyshia Cole Releases New Track – ‘Trust and Believe’

10/03/12, NEW MUSIC

Keyshia is gearing up for the premiere of her new reality tv show ‘Family First,’ due October 9th, which is supposed to be drama free (hhmm, I wonder how well that is going to translate). I guess this means no Neffie or momma drama, well at least we know Neffie won’t be on the show, sis is pissed.

Anyway, while waiting on that non-drama to unfold, Keyshia is doing double time promoting her new show and new family by recently appearing on the cover of Jet Magazing and releasing a new single ‘Trust And Believe.’

Keyshia kicks her man to the curb on “Trust and Believe,” the second single from her upcoming album Woman to Woman, due November 19. Miss Thing is getting all of the drama out on her new music, don’t bring that mess to her doorstep. “Trust and believe me, you’re gonna need me,” warns a scorned Keyshia.

Keyshia Cole, her extremely happy 2 year old Daniel Jr., and her hubby Daniel ‘Boobie’ Gibson are covering the latest issue of JET Magazine. Inside, Keyshia and Boobie chat about their drama-free upcoming reality show as well as what attracted them to each other.
Keyshia says of her husband:

“He has a beautiful spirit. And he’s not afraid to love publicly. I think our Black men are afraid to love publicly, and I’m not a fan of that.”

Daniel added:

“Keyshia has been through a lot with her family, so her whole make-up is being a strong woman. I’m just trying to show her that I’m here to take care of and be there for her.”

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