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Brandy Releases A new Single – ‘Let Me Go’

10/05/12, NEW MUSIC

Brandy releases a new single ‘Let Me Go’ from her upcoming album Two Eleven due October 16. On this track the singer goes in about finding something that has eluded her for all of years of romantical expectations; finding a man so good, she can’t let him go or was the issue the men in her life never stuck around. I can’t keep up, either way…

“Love your cocky talk, damn your denims/ Make me wanna act like I just can’t remember/ If mama saw that side of me, she would be on Twitter, saying, ‘You know I didn’t raise you that way…”

One Comment to “Brandy Releases A new Single – ‘Let Me Go’”

  1. Isys says:

    Luv you Brand but this ain’t it…