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Eve Is Back With Her New Hard Hitting Track – She Bad Bad

10/09/12, NEW MUSIC

Guess who’s back, its E.V.E.!!! Eve comes back swinging hard on her track ‘She Bad Bad,’ delivering stinging verses about her re-entry into the game and her competitors.

“Now I’m back, forget about them other chicks, man, you won’t miss them/ Yeah, E-V-E hungry like a lion … Your gimmick make me sicki/ What you sellin’, I ain’t buyin’…”

Get into the old and new Eve and let us know what you guys.

4 Comments to “Eve Is Back With Her New Hard Hitting Track – She Bad Bad”

  1. Daryl D. Smith via Facebook says:

    Im just glad to see any female rap artist other than that chic with all them crazy colors

    • ey pa.
      and LOL 2 darryl comment i agree lol
      I am very happy to see EVE in 2012,this winter is finally back now.

      she is still kute IMO.pretty pic with the blue eye make up on “turn on the lights”remix, on this website, and i love her anyhow due to her Um REAL “HIP HOP LYRICIST”flow,so sweet ruff when warranted, like QUEEN LATIFAH voice,strong powerful REAL MC voice for a mujer.(woman)
      not Nikki Minaj who sound well; horrid.
      I miss eve. glad in her mid 30s she making,a good come back (let us hope)

      i love her,being from nyc/philly/nj tri-state glad EVE is back,the remix to turn on the lights,es muy caliente.very hot the entire track…
      very hot.adios.

      Most Beautiful BMW REDHEAD over at FB

      Dominicana Pink DiamondZ rECORds.

  2. meme says:


  3. versatile says:

    Glad to see my girl’s back! See you spittin’ like you aint’ been on vacay and you look like you aint’ been nowhere. Time is on yo’ side! Now you KNOW we been waitin’ and there’s room in the game for everyone. Before you kick the “clown”…give her time to chew on some of the shyt she still slidin’ in. I love the track cause you doin’ it..BUT hope you get your original sound mixers back. Give us what we used to. You are as timeless to rap as Whit was to R&B. Love you gurl!