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R. Kelly Reveals Chapter 23 of ‘Trapped in the Closet’


Oh good gracious alive, its back. R. Kelly said he was bringing back his mini-docu-drama-opra-series ‘Trappedd In The Closet,’ and dammit he kept his word. Now, to begin promotion, IFC (Independent Film Channel) released what they are calling “Chapter 23,” a short clip, with an intro from Kellz and a summary of what has happened since we last left the characters and what is to come.

There are 20 new chapters and according to Robert a lot of suspense, plot twists, new characters such as Dr. Perry, a therapist at Rufus and Cathy’s church guiding them through marriage counseling; and Beeno, a powerful underworld kingpin; along with of course the old gang including Sylvester, Rufus, Cathy, Gwendolyn, Bridget, Big Man, Rosie the Nosy Neighbor, Twan, and Pimp Lucius and more receive strange calls from a mysterious source and everyone is present and accounted for except Chuck.

“Trapped…” will return on IFC on November 23 at 9pm EST.

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  1. Nikki says:

    Well…. I Laughed out loud… literally!!